Samuilovo Village (known in the past as Dimidovo) is located at the foothills of Belasitsa Mountain, 13 km southwest of the town of Petrich and at 300 m a.s.l. 100 children attend the Anton Popov Primary School. The village has also a kindergarten, post office, health service, wrestling club, football team, etc. It is the birthplace of the world champion in wrestling Serafim Barzakov.
The local Chitalishte was founded on 05.06.1926. It was first hosted in an old building close to the Turkish mosque (today’s church) that also gave home to the local school up to 1938. Then it was called “Development”; in 1944 the name was changed to “Anton Popov”. The first attempts for theatrical activity were made in 1947 with the assembly of an amateur theatre group whose first performance was “Accidental Doctor”. In the autumn of 1954, they opened the female singing group which is still active today, and in 1955 – the male singing group. A mixed folklore choir followed, then a children’s folklore dancing ensemble and a modern dance group. The old traditions are kept in the village and customs such as Babin Den, Harvesting and many others are recreated. All groups take part in the various celebrations around the municipality, incl. the Day of the Amateur Performers, the Southern Jewel Festival and many others.
Close to the village there is a 10 decares park with more than 100 centuries-old plane trees and the White Fountaiн built in 1915-1916 by soldiers of the 6th Bdin Division. Remains of Roman settlements have been found in the localities of Livadite, Gradishte and Gohcheto, as well as Sariitsa, Tuhlarski Kooperarnik and Kamenski Rezervat. Scientists have opened an ancient grave in the village center, fenced by old ceramic plates.
According to legends, the village of Damidovo existed even before the Ottoman invasion. In 2008, a Medieval ceramic oven was discovered close to the village school. After the Balkan War in 1912-1913 and the leaving of the Turkish population, refugees came from the nearby Ograzhden Mountain and the villages of Liposh, Gorni Poroi and Dolni Poroi, as well as the town of Kukush.
Phone code of Samuilovo: (0)7423; postal code: 2876.

Map of the region

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